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Iberian and Mediterranean flavors, honoring the people who settled in Al-Andaluz. Are many and varied specialties of Mediterranean cuisine can find that here.

Among them we can highlight the Iberian pork, the Lamb Stew, the Lamprey from Guadiana river, or the many soups that are the delight of all who visit us.

The bread served, as well as what is used in soups is typical from Alentejo baked in a wood oven.

In addition to the meals, we have for you a menu consists of tapas, appetizers, snacks and delicacies from the south of the Iberian Peninsula, examples of which are cheese, ham and sausages of the Iberian pig, as well as flavors and spices in olive oil and garlic , and always accompanied by excellent wines produced in the Alentejo.



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  • Iberian pork sausage
  • Potato salad with tuna
  • Spawn salad
  • Iberian pork greaves
  • Goat cheese with sweet pumpkin
  • Iberian pork sausage neck
  • Belote iberian ham
  • Ventresca Tuna Salad
  • Roast Pork Loin
  • Iberian pork sausage
  • Mackerel fillet salad
  • Lamb stew
  • Lamprey with rice
  • Tomato soup

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